Gig-Nuts in May - Gertrude - May 28th 2011 - Press Release

Another Fundraiser for the Anti-Benefits Cuts Campaign
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Gig-Nuts in May - Gertrude - May 28th 2011 - Press Release

Postby markR » Wed May 25, 2011 9:55 pm

‘Here we go....

I7 Sidney Road
Stockwell SW9 OTP
8 until LATE
£5/ £2 concessions


MAD PRIDE is staging another fundraising event to raise much needed resources for the campaigning activities of the MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK – which involves individuals and organisations concerned about the implications about the cuts in welfare benefits on people with mental health difficulties. We are particularly concerned about the implications of the new ‘work capacity assessment’ which has moved the goal post and set the bar higher for qualifying for sickness benefits. Many people with ongoing mental health problems are now having to go through the test where they would have previously been exempt because of being seen as being too vulnerable because the government has set their targets for removing people from sickness benefits higher. People with mental health problems will be at risk of being ruled ‘fit for work’, where pilot schemes have been carried out high percentages of claimants were removed from sickness benefits.

Many of those that have had a history of mental health problems are likely to have a patchy employment history, they will struggle to find work in the current competitive jobs market and are likely to be condemned to abject poverty on basic Jobs Seekers Benefits where they will pressured to take up work which could have a detrimental effect on their mental health – most are unlikely to get better than soul destroying menial work – which we are being told is somehow ‘therapeutic’ for them.

Many are already anxious about this, we fear that it will increase the numbers of suicide attempts, the Department of Work and Pensions has cynically published guidance to its staff as to how to manage people with suicidal feelings.

The MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK are also setting up support networks for people with anxieties about going through the new test – we aim to provide advice and support to people to help them get through it and protect their rights. Anybody who has, or knows people who have, concerns about facing the new test are urged to get in touch with the campaign for help advice and support.

The right wing media has exaggerated the numbers of claimants being ruled fit for work to smear all claimants as ‘criminals’ , ‘scroungers’ and ‘frauds’ – whilst failing to explain how the qualifying rules have been changed and how most of those now failing would have passed the test before this. They also fail to report that a high percentage of those who take their case to appeal have the decision overturned. In other words being pre – judicial in condemning before the fact and deliberately misrepresenting claimants and slandering them.

This media propaganda has chilling echoes of the propaganda put out by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930’s which showed images of sick and disabled people – labelled as ‘genetic degenerates’ and ‘useless eaters’ – with slogans telling taxpayers that these people were costing them money as a ‘justification’ for their extermination in the concentration camps. That’s why in the publicity material for this event has utilised this imagery and turned it on it’s head with the politicians being portrayed as brutalised concentration camp victims and labelled as ‘benefit thieves’ and ‘frauds’ (because that is what they are).

THE MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK is supporting the move to call for a moratorium on the implementation of the new ‘work capacity assessments’ which has been recognised as flawed and ‘not fit for purpose’ until such time as the promised review of the tests has taken place. If you share our concerns on this you can help by joining our campaign and getting actively involved, or you can write to your MP or the Minister for Work and Pensions to express your concerns.

We need funds and resources to carry on our campaigning work – you can help by making a donation – or you can help out by coming along to one of our fundraising events and enjoy some top quality original music and poetry into the bargain.
Artist featured on this event are –

GERTRUDE – the highly regarded feminist post punk band who has been making a noise in DIY underground music for more than 14 years– combining electric cello, clarinet and melodic with witty lyrics and prog punk inventiveness. We are very pleased to have their support for this event. GERTRUDE have had links with MAD PRIDE previously and featured on the ‘Big Top’ stage at the BONKERSFEST in 2008.

THE CLEANERS – featuring drummer Chris Cosmos an old friend and supporter of MAD PRIDE having played at many MAD PRIDE events and the BONKERSFEST in various different outfits. We are pleased to welcome him back with his newest band – formed in 2009 the blues/ rock/ ska act THE CLEANERS.

EVERAFTER – a true ‘survivor’ band – recommended to us by original MAD PRIDE founder Simon Barnett – a man of impeccable taste – who has also had a role in the artists programming for the BONKERSFEST

UGLY SULK – duo featuring guitarist and singer songwriter Roisin Lee (aka Roach) accompanied on the bass guitar and vox by the wonderfully eccentric Luci Bocchino, one half of the utterly mental ‘Le Donne’ theatre of the absurd’ duo who amazed and bamboozled the audience at the recent ‘Holocaust Day’ fundraiser and the ‘Mad Hatters’ party in March. Together they have strength in their harmonies. Formed only in January this year already they have many gigs under their belt at various venues all over London – hailing from the darkest depths of North London this is not however their first outing south of the river – Their original songs with attitude are a blend of grunge, punk and psychedelia. The lyrics are often dark and ironic, with themes including unrequited love, sleep deprivation and abuse

DAVID STUDDERT – Australian singer songwriter, according to one commentator on the famous 12 Bar Club website ‘one of the best songwriters going around’ – currently regularly gigging around the small and acoustic gig scene in London – also known for running his own ‘Backfire Cool’ events in various venues around London. He has recorded 15 albums since 1980- all released world wide, as he is something of a world citizen having lived in Australia, Angola, Argentina, Portugal, and Paris. With his ‘mysterious’ voice (like velvet coated gravel) he will treat us all to his ballads about Durritti, mountain climbing, taking your clothes off in public, UFO recovery rumours and so forth.

RAZZ – original ‘Survivors Poetry’ founder who still runs regular events for them at the Poetry Cafe and Tottenham ‘Chances’. He will open the evening with a few of his poems and then come back and treat us to some of his self penned songs, quite possibly with the accompaniment of some ‘mystery’ guests.

ASHLEY EARLS – a youthful openly bi sexual singer songwriter with a distinctive voice will treat us to some of his melodic wry musings on life and love and the people he hates.

Our regular MC and well known face about town Mr JASON WHY – will introduce the acts and treat us to some of the spontaneous poetics he has built a reputation for from his many appearances at various ‘open mic’ nights all over London
Stunning and original projections and animations will be provided by our regular VJ – THE FLICKERING LIGHT aka visual artist Dave Eyre – also much in demand at many gigs and venues.

THE GROSVENOR is close by to Stockwell tube station and Brixton Tube and BR stations. A number of buses stop close by including night buses. It is a well known and popular venue – this is the first MAD PRIDE event to take place there –
We look forward to seeing you there to enjoy an evening of great entertainment and support our vital cause –

For more information on the MENTAL HEALTH RESISTANCE NETWORK contact
For more information on MAD PRIDE go to or call 07542459321
For more info on this event check out CREATIVE ROUTES on Facebook –
Or call 07757715035
For more info on the featured artists check out


For more information on the venue

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