Campaign 2010 Meeting Notes - 5th September 2010

Anti Benefits Cuts Campaign 2010 - Mental Health Survivors in the UK campaigning against cuts to Welfare Benefits
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Campaign 2010 Meeting Notes - 5th September 2010

Postby markR » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:06 am

PRESENT : Seven Members
Mad Chicks will be written to to ask if they are into making a banner for the protest.
A professional artist has been contacted, he’s up for making a banner too, probably using a ‘reclaimed’ ‘For Sale’ property sign.
STICKERS – the consensus was to stick to the BANKERS one.
Suicides had already happened re the latest proposed cuts to benefits, This to be researched and locate a copy of the article about this story to add to our (ie the Steering Group’s) resources.
A draft Press Release to be prepared
A ‘toolkit’ of ‘How To’ to assist people who are called in for assessment interviews will be made. It will include stuff already done by SHNEWS. We will produce copies of this ‘toolkit’ in info pack form, it will be launched at the demo, and also forwarded to SHNEWS – hopefully they’ll profile it for us in their mag. Also to be consulted ‘Indymedia london’ (a radical action info website.
And also National:
TIME/DATE for demo is now confirmed – it will be on TUESDAY 26th OCTOBER at 1pm, at SPEAKERS CORNER in HYDE PARK. Meet at the café on that corner in Hyde Park. Include a simple sketch map in the flier to show nearest tube station and the location of Speakers’ Corner?
Hot shots from the Disability Rights Movement and Direct Action Network (DAN) veterans to be contacted.
Contact ‘danmail’ on yahoo to try and establish contact with DAN that way.
Film-making volunteers at CORE ARTS have been sounded out. They want to cover the event and make a film about the demo.Facebook and YouTube have been mentioned by them, which everybody present was happy with.
The demo to be introduced at the Core Council meeting on Tuesday 6th September.
EFFIGY – CORE ARTS to be contacted re their offer to pay for materials plus labour, and co-ordinate the effigy-making group at CORE. A group is working on this there. More members at CORE will be encouraged to get involved. The effigy will be made on CORE premises. The deadline to have it made by is 20th October. It was agreed to have a double-faced effigy with Nick Clegg’s face on one side and David Cameron’s face on the other. It will include some kind of entrails for the dismembering. The limbs will be easily detachable for the quartering. We need to ascertain who our 4 bicycle riders will be, who will carry out the quartering.
The cheapest van hire will be researched, which we will need to transport effigy, banners etc to Hyde Park on the day. Cost – Mad Chicks to see how much money is left in the Mad Chicks account. At the last meeting it was agreed by Mad Chicks members present that funds should be released to Mad Pride to meet costs of the demo.
Recent campaigns by the Disabled People's Movement, including their new logo/badge design featuring a black triangle to be researched.
A SCHEDULE for the day of the demo was agreed: 1) hanging, drawing and quartering of the effigy at 1pm
2) two minute scream at 2pm
3) launch the Medication Strike
4) Announce the launch of the toolkit.
At the last meeting the suggestion was made we hire a loudspeaker/megaphone, which was agreed. Who to action this?
3 different documents to be drafted : 1) a flyer advertising the demo/action itself (time/place) for general distribution
2) a Press Release targeting our usual hits.
3) a more detailed leaflet outlining our arguments, to hand out and use as the basis for discussion on the day.
Some text to be forwarded to the press release people for consideration in the detailed leaflet.
Draft copies of each of the above to circulated everyone online – at the next meeting we will decide who will send what where. Mad Chicks money could be used for a mailout of the time/place flyer.
PUBLICITY – it was decided that the next meeting will focus on publicity. This will be on SUNDAY 26TH SEPT, at POGO’S.
SHIRLEY suggested we hang the effigy off Marble Arch itself as there aren’t many trees in Hyde Park near to Speakers’ Corner whose branches we could use for the hanging of the effigy. DEBBIE suggested we could bring a pole in the van and hang the effigy off that. DEBBIE also suggested bringing a small 2-step block to use as a soapbox.
GENERAL DISCUSSION : some general points raised :
Q. Can you be morally forced to take medication and then be forced to work? Some people can’t work without the meds, but others side effects of meds make them ‘unfit for work’.
Employers exploit discrimination laws to suit themselves : DENISE spoke of a woman who is being sued by her employers after taking time off with depression, which brought to light her history of depression. Who is there to defend the victim?
DAN have organised an Anti-Cuts March to be held in Birmingham on Sunday 3rd October (Tory Party Conference), MARK said that they have been told they won’t be able to march past the Conference Centre.
New passwords to be handed out for everybody so we can all access the website.

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