Conservative party conference Oct 3rd Birmingham

Unions, Right to Work, Disabled People, Mad Pride heading to Birmingham
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Conservative party conference Oct 3rd Birmingham

Postby Ceri » Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:14 pm

I'm going, & helping to organise a bus from York. Anyone else? It would be good to find a disability or even 'mental' group, most of my locals are the 'right to work' campaign, which tends to be more about 'staff' than 'service users'.

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Re: Conservative party conference

Postby markR » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:48 am

Hi Ceri, we've discussed this outside the forum which btw welcome to. I dont know of many Pridesters going to the Conference but I'll be going with DAN Disabled People's Action Network who are so organized and got buses going from many London boroughs - and one from York. It's on October 3rd. And the latest news posted on DANmail is that police aren't allowing people to march past the Conference Centre. And there is a petition up demanding that they do.
I'm going to support and also to practice Demoing in the current climate. Its a long time since I been out on the streets.

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Re: Conservative party conference

Postby markR » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:52 am

Sign the Petition deploring the ban on the march past Tory Party Conference on Oct 3rd
Statement of Support for 3rd October Demonstration
posted 16 Aug 2010 13:37 by ron clark [ updated 4 Sep 2010 09:32 ]

Statement of Support for 3 October Demonstration

“We wish to state our outright opposition to the current policy of austerity being pursued by the current coalition government. David Cameron and Nick Clegg, George Osborne and Danny Alexander, are cutting public services, forcing up the retirement age, freezing pay, targeting benefits, reducing pensions, reducing access to higher education and enforcing further privatisation in the NHS and our schools.

Far from us “all being in it together” Britain is scarred by poverty and inequality levels which are among the highest in Western Europe. In contrast the City of London and the corporate board rooms continue with their bonus culture and obscene pay and financial awards. Britain is the seventh wealthiest society in the world but has the sixth worst inequality among OECD countries

The majority will pay for the largesse of the few and for the casino economics of the 2000’s.

The budget deficit is not “our” debt. It is the result of bailing out the bankers. If the money needs to be recouped there are alternatives but these are shunned in a pan-European race to deflation and austerity.

Accordingly we wish to state our support for the demonstration initiated by the Right to Work Campaign outside the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 3 October. This has already been backed by three national trade unions (the PCS, NUJ and UCU), the Labour Representation Committee and a number of local trade union and campaigning organisations.

Diane Abbott MP,

Chris Bambery, Secretary Right to Work campaign,

Tony Benn,

Paul Brandon, Chair Right to Work Campaign,

Jeremy Corbyn MP,

Katy Clark MP,

Bob Holman,

Caroline Lucas MP,

John McDonnell MP,

China Mieville,

Pete Murray, President NUJ,

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary PCS,

Elaine Smith MSP,
Sandra White MSP.
Darren Johnson AM,
Yasmin Qureshi MP”

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Re: Conservative party conference Oct 3rd Birmingham

Postby markR » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:20 am

Massive Threats to DLA, Incapacity, ESA and Services - Sunday Oct 3rd Tory Party Conference.

Folks the threats posed by a new age of Austerity from the Coalition Government to survivors and others look to be so very serious, surely we've gotta DO SOMETHING. Have we not?

First off as already posted here is to be a Disabled People-wide protest - a march in Birmingham on Sunday October 3rd. People are meeting in Chamberlain Square from 11.30am.

In fact the protest is much much wider and will include loads of groups signed up to the Coalition of Resistance So this may even get 15 seconds on the television news.

I will be going along with my Disabled Person and Mad Pride hat on. Coaches are leaving from all over the place. Right to Work are putting on very many.

For more news of this Protest and future ones, why not join Danmail group on Yahoo - DAN is a collective - Disabled People's Action Network in case you don't know.

(And yes survivors are Disabled People if you buy into the very excellent SOCIAL MODEL of Disability!). I'll post updates here on Mad Pride Forum.

And quite a lot of news stories concerning Cuts to Services and Threatened Cuts to Benefits affecting mental health system survivors have been posted on the Yahoo Group uksurvivors over the past few months. Join that to get more news.

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Re: Conservative party conference Oct 3rd Birmingham

Postby markR » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:41 am

Here's a Press Release from DAN

Press Release

The Conservative party's summer conference will be host to some of the most important protests of recent times.

Birmingham on Sunday October 3 will see disabled people from across the UK unite to rally against the drastic welfare cuts proposed by the Coalition, which are set to hit disabled people hardest.

The cost of the cuts will push disabled people, of whom three-quarters already live in poverty, towards levels of destitution that should be a distant memory in a first world society.

Campaigners say this group are being unfairly picked on by direct and indirect cuts because they are seen as an easy target.

Like many on the lowest incomes disabled people bear the brunt of the austerity drive. The cost of the cuts will mean some essential care and support is lost, meaning some cuts are quite likely to be life threatening.

Disability benefits designed to pay the extra costs of disability and originally awarded for a lifetime term are being reassessed. Many who were certified by medically qualified and independent doctors are losing their meagre incomes to politically appointed and performance incentivised ATOS assessors.

Data from the National Equalities Panel shows that over three quarters of all disabled people live in poverty with a tenth of disabled women attempting to live on less than 31 pounds a week. Yet ATOS makes millions in profits. This is part of the new economy of Britain.

Cuts in housing benefits, cuts in services, the closure of the Independent Living Fund, job losses in the public sector and VAT increases will impact severely on the poorest in society - however it is disabled people who might just pay the ultimate cost - their lives.

Linda Burnip said: Disabled people will be descending on Birmingham on October 3rd to tell all politicians that enough is enough. We are fed up with being vilified as scroungers by successive governments, we are sick of hearing about disabled people who have died from neglect and lack of services or who have committed suicide because services and benefits were withdrawn from them. We are fed up with being unfairly picked on because we are seen as vulnerable and we want to make sure politicians know we will not accept these attacks on our lives any longer. As disabled people we can and will fight back, and we plan to start in Birmingham on October 3rd.
0771 492 7533
01926 842253


Notes to editors:

Data from Family Resources Survey and the National Equalities Panel found that:

75% of disabled women and 70% of disabled men are already at the bottom end of Britain’s income distribution scale living in poverty.

A tenth of disabled woman have incomes below £31 per week and a tenth of disabled men have incomes below £59 per week including earned income and benefits.

Under the coalition government’s economy drive disabled people are set to lose at least £140 per month through direct cuts to disability benefits (initially devised to pay the extra costs of being disabled) alone.

The Tories have threatened to remove our DLA saying that the number of claimants must be reduced by one-fifth.

Employment Support Allowance and work capability assessments have been criticised by CAB, disability charities and Disabled People’s Organisations. The government have now said that from October 2010 they will speed up the re-assessment of everyone currently claiming Incapacity Benefit so that 10,000 claimants a week are ‘processed’

Housing Benefits for all tenants will be reduced. From October 2011 for those 2 million disabled people living in private rented accommodation and from 2013 for anyone living in social housing which is deemed too large for their needs

There are 1.8 million people households on social housing waiting lists. Currently 1 million children live in overcrowded households

Already 30% of disabled people live below the poverty line and 1 in 4 families with disabled children cannot afford heating

The Chartered Institute of Housing has calculated that the cumulative effect of the coalition’s proposals mean that by 2020 every tenant’s Housing Benefit will be too low to cover their rent

Added to that funding from the Independent Living Fund for care and support has now ceased to all new claimants and any additional needs cannot be met by them

Social Services budgets are under extreme pressure and nearly all Social Services departments have been told to reduce their budgets by 25% which has an obvious knock-on effect to their provision of care and the amount people need to pay towards this.

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Conservative party conference Oct 3rd Birmingham

Postby MichaelDrage » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:49 am

Im not even sure why they are opposing austerity. It doesnt seem to have affected them.

What does three nights plus meals in a hotel down the country run to these days?
Sport nutrition here:

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