Campaign 2010 Meeting Notes - 10th October 2010

Survivors meeting up at Hyde Park in London 1.00pm
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Campaign 2010 Meeting Notes - 10th October 2010

Postby markR » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:32 am

SUNDAY 10th OCTOBER 2010, 2pm AT POGO’S.

Present – Nine Pridesters there.

CASH – Ooh there is £400.00 cash for the demo. MAD CHICKS U RULE! THANK YOU THANK YOU. £50.00 is owed that was loaned to buy materials for the effigy at the last meeting. There are various receipts to reimburse, please hand them in. A mobile phone for £23.00 is bought, that number and a personal mobile number are on the Press Release. The new mobile: the plan is to share it round so everyone who wants to will get a go at fielding calls.

EFFIGY/ EXECUTION/PROPS– on track, the effigy-making group have met for the whole day on Tuesdays at Core Arts and it is nearly finished. The hands of the effigy were brought to the meeting, people liked the style so win-win. Receipts for money spent on materials. We have a long rope – so we can use much of it as we need to hang and quarter the effigy.

It is confirmed that the entrails of the effigy for the quartering will be real sausages smothered in tomato ketchup. A volunteer has said he would like to do the quartering and has agreed to wear a butcher’s apron and rubber gloves – these to be sourced. So now Mad Pride We have a plastic crate for a soapbox, so suggested keeping all the stuff for the demo at her flat, which will be picked up by whatever transport we book on the day to bring it all down to Speakers’ Corner. There are trees near to Speakers’ Corner that we can use for the hanging.

A battery-operated megaphone has been bought for £23.00 from Henry’s (an electrical shop) on Edgware Road. The faces of DAVID CAMERON and GEORGE OSBORNE will be printed to use for the two-sided head of the effigy, and give them in at Core Arts next Tues.

BANNERS/PLACARDS/T-SHIRTS - A banner will be made. The Mad Pride banner is in Brighton. A banner with George Osborne on it will be made from an old sheet and a couple of spray cans. Everyone to have a go at this – we can hang them off the park railings. A great design for the placards was done, so we decided we would ask him to make up 6 placards for us – there will be a cost involved. Find out how much. We all liked the design so much we thought of printing it up on some T-shirts with the Mad Pride logo – This will be chased this up and use the people who printed the Mad Chicks T-shirts, in sizes M, L and XL. We decided to hand out the first 10 free on the day, and sell the rest. Who will do the selling on the day?

MAD PRIDE INFO TOOLKIT – DENISE has drafted an info ‘toolkit’ to distribute to Mad Pride members and others. It looks really good. There are a couple of typos to correct, and she is going to put the Mad Pride logo on it, and then post it onto our forum for feedback from the rest of the group. She is having a meeting with a CAB advice worker this Tues, as they have compiled a list of people having problems with benefits already. The ‘toolkit’ also points to 3 other info websites. WHEN it is finalised it would be good if the Demo Steering Group (that’s us!) could read it carefully so that if we get inquiries on the Mad Pride mobile numbers, or get asked to do interviews, we can have that info ready to tell people. It's going to be put online. ROBERT is going to publish it in the Southwark MIND Christmas newsletter. It will be referred to in the Press Release for the demo.

TRANSPORT – Van-hire was looked at on the internet but it was all really expensive, she suggested we hire an estate car minicab instead. If we don’t find any other transport we will do this.

BICYCLES/WHEELCHAIR – We now have 2 confirmed people to bring bicycles on the day for the quartering : It was decided we would also ask 2 wheelchair-users to participate – one will be SOPHIA, and it was decided we will pay for a wheelchair for her to use from eBay/or borrow one – NATALIE is going to ask her friend if we can borrow one for the day, DEBBIE is going to ask MOTORBILITY if they will lend one. SOPHIA does have mobility issues and is eligible for a wheelchair. DEBBIE will also approach DAN to ask if they would like one of their members to participate in the quartering, and invite them to the demo.

TIMETABLING – the schedule (thus far) on the day will be as follows :
Whole event - 1pm to 3pm.
1pm – assemble at Speakers’ Corner
1.30pm – 2.15pm – speeches and carnival (including announcing the 1-day medication strike and threatening more)
2.15pm – hanging drawing and quartering of the effigy, accompanied by the 2-minute scream
3pm – finish.

NB Mad Pride info ‘toolkits’ giving advice about the Work Capability Assessment etc will be announced and distributed on the day. Who will do the photocopying for this?

CARNIVAL – A ‘Mad’ acoustic guitarist) will be asked to play. A a hand drum player could be asked.

PUBLICITY – The Press Release is finished, written by ROBERT and edited by TED.
Our media hits need to be made in the next 2 days.
Email to‘Southwark Save Our Services’ (flying demonstrators, includes some SWP members – it was decided we don’t mind if some of them turn up at our demo). Also leaflet The Institute of Psychiatry monthly debate at the Maudsley this Weds.
Leaflet the next Southwark MIND Committee meeting on 19/10/2010.
Talk to The SUN, TIME OUT, the SWP paper, Mark Oldham (PETE’S old friend, a freelance journalist), Community Care, Indymedia.
The the Arts press will be contacted.
The Pink Paper, The Big Issue, Mental Health Media mag, and check out what’s happened to Open Mind mag. DS will be contacted(Mad Pride South) and try to get info/fliers through to Creative Routes. She will contact Survivors’ Poetry and go to their office with a box of stamped addressed envelopes to mailout to members on their mailing list (which worked well for Mad Chicks). Also contact Cooltan Arts in Camberwell via R and get leaflets down there. Also the Rio Cinema and hits around Dalston.
MARK will hit The Independent, The Guardian (Society), SHNEWS, Disability Now, and a disability mental health forum on Yahoo.
FRANK will hit Asylum magazine, and DAIL online (.
Also paper a member knows called FREEDOM, and a group he knows in Croydon called Hear Us.
A group one member is involved in called FEEL.
The Daily Mail will be contacted, and set up a Facebook page (on behalf of the group).

Twitter was also mentioned, but we didn’t allocate anyone to blog Twitter. (Mark is doing Twits @madpridemark)

A film maker volunteering at Core Arts will contact us by email to let him know what he plans to do – he mentioned doing a documentary-style piece with footage from the day plus interviews to put on YouTube.

2 Core Council meetings at Core Arts to talk about the demo have been – all that remains is to leaflet and canvas there.
The interview on Resonance FM went well.
It is Mental Health Week – everyone look out for events or similar to leaflet this week.
The Anarchist Bookfair is on SAT 23/10/2010 at the University in Mile End. TED and ROBERT will be going from 12pm – 6pm, and everybody is welcome to join them.


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