The Ceramic Hobs

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The Ceramic Hobs

Postby Ceramic Simon » Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:19 pm

Just to let people know that The Ceramic Hobs are still active - four of the current lineup of eight have psychiatric diagnoses, another one has motor neurone disease, the other three normals are just drug addicts and alcoholics :D

Here is our main website -

Here are some of the reviews our new album Oz Oz Alice has got: ... e-orb.html - "There’s song structure and chugging chords but somehow the Hobs manage to chuck enough distortion and mayhem into it to twist it all into something that’s unlike anything else being recorded today...Its like having two stereos going at once at 1am after a night on the gravy...a labyrinthine affair, as dense as a Pynchon novel... the Hobs have replaced shiny production values and leanings towards pop punk psychedelia with a dangerously out of control beast that looks like its being held together with hastily driven in nails, soggy string and dodgy drugs." ... -oz-alice/ - "the album slowly twists around your head such that it becomes a series of highly amusing, intelligent or surreal samples and quotes held together by these noise-punk interludes. Spoken word sections drill home the continuous feeling of mental illness throughout the album, and give a disturbing edge to the whole affair...In terms of imagery of lyrics, sounds, samples, noises and riffs it’s all stacked up to induce a sensory overload, in a similar way to the literary work of William Burroughs, it is thick with imagery and references that you could never decipher" - "Ceramic Hobs are back with a behemoth of a record: and I can only say that I absolutely love it...there’s something utterly compelling about their fractious, chaotic blend of psychedelia and slobbed-out punk...I kept thinking of Ronnie Laing at whilst listening to these tracks, which may not be a good thing" ... lings.html - "Oz Oz Alice is the Fylde Coast's very own Trout Mask Replica. That's not to say it in anyway sounds like the Captain's opus as it doesn't. It doesn't sound like anything else I've ever heard...The lyrical themes and the concept will keep you busy for months, I don't think I've ever come across an album with so many references and so much depth...This album is not only album of the year but one of the best albums I've ever heard"

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