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Search the words: "sterile semen" on youtube.

You will find a video of a microscopic analysis I did. If you look at
recording you will see that there is no live or dead sperm in the purse, only
droplets. The magnification is 40x, 100x (here would clearly seen small swimming
sperm) and 400x (see especially towards the end).

I have otherwise analyzed semen both otters and with microscope and it was completely sterile (no
sperm, and it was certainly not the aforementioned anesthetic treatment.

I am a mental patient in judgment and I mean demonstrably having been subjected to an illegal
involuntary sterilization under a general anesthetic treatment of teeth sørlandet hospital
Arendal, Norway in June 2014. I experienced losing normal sexual function (erection), or
function of the prostate (as the cut the link to the sterilization) from day 1
after this treatment, and I had normal function in this area until
this treatment. I also experienced the intervention as debilitating as I
has received strong IMPAIRED hormone balance after the procedure.

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