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Postby markR » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:08 pm

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The huge million strong demo against the Iraq war the weekend after it began set the tone for future opposition to the war. Protest was to be orderly, kept within lawful margins,stewarded to prevent spontaneous anger breaking through the self imposed cordons, and to take the form of marching to Hyde Park and listening to speeches from Labour lefties, celebrities, churchmen, and the SWP. The rally would end with a ringing declaration that….’ this great rally..etc etc’ and people should catch their home going coaches at 5pm and organise another one in a months time. Except of course the law of diminishing returns immediately kicked in… making STWC rival CND for ways of rendering harmless huge protests. But regardless of outcome the marches were proclaimed huge successes of the same kind as ‘operation a success but man died’ variety.

The demo at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on October 3rd offers the same outcome…or other possibilities.What happens in Birmingham on October 3rd will define the way the opposition to the Tory cuts develops over the autumn.Another big march listening to John McDonnell and all and no spilling out of the agreed parameters will mean a neutered ‘Autumn of discontent’ full of marches and hot air culminating in the big TUC demo in March next year.This march will be hailed ‘as the greatest since the Chartists’ but will effectively mark the end of the protest season.

If however Birmingham spills out of its self imposed straight jacket into some kind of civil disobedience – blocking roads, preventing access to the social events, etc – or other forms of direct action then other possibilities open up and we may be able to look back further to the anti-poll tax campaign rather than the Iraq war. For once the anarchist movement is pulling together in all its glorious variety. The IWW in the West Midlands are calling for a direct action workers bloc,Sabcat are producing posters and t-shirts as is the Anarchist Media Project,Indymedia UK and Birmingham are publicising the proposed actions, the website provides updates on what is happening and promises an unauthorised march without police permission and to list the meeting place the night before the demo on its site.Old Class warriors are stirring from their armchairs checking for the nearest Wetherspoons. For once there will be an alternative to the Trot march. How successful it is will determine how the opposition to the Tories develops. But at the very least comrades you need to be there.Any successful political movement needs momentum – to get that vitality of momentum we need to put our collective shoulders to the wheel.

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