Holocaust Day 2013 - Friday February 1st 2013

Back at Tottenham Chances to kick off 2013 Mad Season with the Annual Holocaust Day bash
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Holocaust Day 2013 - Friday February 1st 2013

Postby madmark » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:29 pm

Dave has organized another fine gig at Tottenham Chances on Friday 1st February 2013. Once again we come together for MAD PRIDE's annual 'HOLOCAUST DAY' memorial event- lest we forget that it was those labeled 'mad' who were amongst the first of the 'useless eaters' exterminated in the Nazi's 'final solution'. As ever the line-up is packed with a host of artists and performers, and the venue, Tottenham Chances has to be one of the very best and friendliest in London.

Jowe Head and Mark Astronaut are Mad Pride faves, while we look forward to checking out the improvisory Restrictaweek Essmob. Hope to see you there.

Poster is here Image
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Re: Holocaust Day 2013 - Friday February 1st 2013

Postby madmark » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:51 pm

For the

399 Tottenham High Road N17 6QN


Admission £5 / £2 concessions
A fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit Cuts


This event is dedicated to the memory of Xochiti Tuck

The mental health rights campaigning organisation MAD PRIDE is carrying on its established ‘tradition’ of staging regular annual events to mark the Holocaust Day memorial. We have staged these over a number of years to remind people that it was people labelled ‘mad’ were amongst those exterminated in the concentration camps by the Nazi’s as part of their ‘final solution’ and to ask the question just how far have we gotten from this?

Government propaganda that seeks to label all disabled people who need to claim welfare benefits to survive as ‘scroungers’ has chilling echoes of the Nazi’s who portrayed disabled people as unproductive ‘useless eaters’. The government and the right wing media seem to be trying to create a fascist mentality in society where vulnerable and needy people are seen as ‘surplus to requirements’.

The governments welfare ‘reforms’ (which have actually meant benefit cuts) have already led to an increase in suicide, new ‘reforms’ to be implemented this year will make things even worse for many claimants, we fear a further increase in suicides as a consequence of this. It feels to us like a kind of ‘do it yourself’ Holocaust where the government seem to actually want disabled people to go away and kill themselves so that they will no longer be a burden on the economy.

Even the opposition parties seem to think that this kind of ‘benefit bashing’ is a popular ‘vote grabber’ and is universally supported by those not dependent on benefits. We do not believe this to be the case, we find that most reasonably minded people if they are given the true facts about the lives and situations of disabled people and benefit claimants are not supportive of these inhumane policies. Most of those who do support these policies do so because they have been misled by the kind of prejudicial and distorted propaganda put out by the right wing media.
A key part of MAD PRIDE’s campaigning activity is to try to inform and educate the general public about the realities of how these benefit ‘reforms’ are impacting on vulnerable claimants with mental health problems.

We believe that the majority of people believe it is right that those who are able to work and earn money should look after the interest of those who are less able and more vulnerable. Most people do understand the need for a welfare benefit ‘safety net’, anybody can become sick or disabled and might then need to depend on benefits for their survival, most people will have friends relatives or loved ones who are sick or disabled who are badly affected by these ‘reforms’. One in four people have reported experiencing some kind of mental health difficulty at some time of their lives and many may need to be dependent on welfare benefits.

Any monies raised above our basic running costs from our events is put into sustaining public awareness raising and lobbying activity about these issues and concerns, we have also been able to donate small amounts to other mental health and disability groups campaigning around these matters. As usual we are grateful to all the artists who donate their services for free or basic expenses in support of our cause which include ‘survivor’ artists, directly affected by the welfare ‘reforms’ and professional and semi professional artists not directly affected but sympathetic to and supportive of our cause.

Our events are aimed at the broader public and are inclusive, we keep admission prices low to make them accessible for those living on low pay and benefits. They help provide a sense of solidarity to vulnerable people affected by the reforms who might otherwise feel isolated, it helps them to understand that there are many people who are not benefit claimants who are supportive of our cause and sympathetic with their concerns.

The artists we have especially invited to perform at this event include long time MAD PRIDE supporter and long time favourite at many previous ‘historic’ events, MARK ASTRONAUT who makes a very welcome return to the MAD PRIDE stage with a special rare London appearance of an acoustic version of his classic band THE ASTRONAUTS, under which title he recorded many cult status albums which featured other MAD PRIDE friend’s and favourites such as improv jazz sax legend Lol Coxhill (R.I.P.)

Mark has done many gigs for MAD PRIDE over the years and has been keen to do another MAD PRIDE gig for a while but problems with lines of communication have militated against this until now, we are more than happy to have the legendary Mr Astronaut & co involved in once again bringing their creative genius to our events, after a couple of years of absence. MARK ASTRONAUT has been performing and producing his original music for many years with several albums released with his band THE ASTRONAUTS and energetic young punk band ‘The Otters’ and he is hugely respected you can google up his name to check out more about him and his highly original music.

Another long term MAD PRIDE supporter and friend who is also something of a ‘legend in his own lunchtime’ is eccentric singer songwriter and band leader JOWE HEAD, formerly of legendary post punk band ‘The Swell Maps’ and ‘The TV Personalities’ as well as being well respected for his own ‘solo’ work in his own name as well as work with his bands ‘Angel Racing Food’ and ‘The Demi- Monde’, both of which have featured at previous MAD PRIDE events.

Here he performs as a duo alongside the enigmatic (and becoming almost equally legendary) C.T. the mentor of the RAW POETRY events and workshops and an increasingly well respected figure on the London cultural underground scene, another creative historical innovatory performance courtesy of MAD PRIDE. People might be getting the impression that C.T. is beginning to become a ‘fixed feature’, the ‘artist in residence’ at our MAD PRIDE events, we must point out that this is by popular demand and that for at least one of these booked events she was sadly unable to attend. The quirky potential of this combination is awesome, at this point we have no idea what expect, no safety nets here.

The great ‘miserablist’ balladeer and another legend in his own right Mr NIGEL BURCH, makes a very welcome return to the MAD PRIDE stage after far too long an absence, we want to give him great big hugs and say ‘cheer up Nigel’, but we know it just won’t help, could only make matters worse, you know how it is with these ‘depressive’ types – everything you say comes out wrong. We love Nigel just the same though. You speak for all of us mate!

Another great ‘miserablist’ voice comes from deadpan comic poet PAUL BIRTILL whose depressing poetry is actually subtly hilarious, his bleak outlook will literally have you ‘cracking up’. This marks a welcome return for PAUL to our stage following his warmly received performance at our ‘Paranoid Olympics’ event at Tottenham Chances back in September of last year. We felt that both Nigel and Paul were appropriate choices for our ‘Holocaust Day’ memorial event so we had to invite them, both are top quality acts and we feel privileged to have their involvement and support.

Also making a welcome return to the MAD PRIDE stage of singer songwriter CHRIS LEEDS who wowed the audience with his powerful evocative melodic songs at last years ‘Gathering of Nuts in May’ event at Chances, we are always pleased to have CHRIS perform for us he is always excellent ‘value for money’.

New to the MAD PRIDE stage are the oddly named RESTRICTAWEED ESSMOB a new band featuring percussionist Sheila Stocking, who has performed many times at MAD PRIDE events over a number of years with different outfits, including the female fronted post punk band ‘Parafernalia’ who featured at our 2009 ‘Holocaust Day’ event at the sadly now closed down Montague Arms in New Cross, in south London. Again we have not seen this band yet and have no idea what to expect, see what we mean about no safety nets, you can usually rely on Sheila, a well respected musician in her own right, to deliver something of quality and originality.

Most of these artists will have some kind of website or facebook page which you can google up for more information about and images of the artists.

Shortly before Christmas sadly Xochitl Tuck, who had been involved in helping Razz to stage ‘Survivor’s Poetry’ events at Tottenham Chances and the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden for a number of years, passed away. The event that had been planned to celebrate Razz’s 60th birthday on the 21st of December turned into something of a spontaneous ‘wake’ for Xochitl, who had touched so many lives and was much loved, the place was rammed.

Since MAD PRIDE began running events at Tottenham Chances, where Xochitl had also developed close ties, she has helped out at these and we considered her to be a vital part of the MAD PRIDE extended family, her love, support and dedication will be much missed by us. MAD PRIDE want to respectfully dedicate this event to the memory of Xochitl, who we feel will be there in spirit. Many of the artists performing had association with Xochitl, we would like to think that all the acts are acts she would have enjoyed and that this would be an event she would want to come along to.

Why not come and check it out? You won’t find better value for money anywhere, you would be hard pressed to find more original and quality acts. Tottenham Chances has a reasonably priced bar, it is fully disabled accessible, there is free parking available. It is located a short bus ride from Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale BR and tube stations and is served by many buses and night buses from various parts of London.

MAD PRIDE want to thank the good people at Tottenham Chances, with who we have built a very positive working relationship with, for the free use of their venue and resources which make these events possible, we aim to build on our positive relationship and stage more regular events at the venue over the course of this coming year.

For more info on this event ring 077 577 15035 or go to http://www.madpride.org.uk
For more info on Tottenham Chances call 0208 365 0653 – or go to http://www.chancesclub.co.uk Or look up Tottenham Chances on facebook -

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