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The Paranoid Olympics - the Performers (Press Release)

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:52 pm
by markR
A Fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit’s Cuts –


Noon until 11pm.

Admission £5/£2 concessions.



Artists featured in order of appearance on the day are:

The quirky angular acerbic ‘punk folk’ singer songwriter and legendary ‘survivor’ artist DAVE RUSSELL, well known as ‘resident’ musical act at the regular monthly ‘Survivor’s Poetry’ nights at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden and from his many gigs around London and beyond over many years. A long time MAD PRIDE supporter his version of ‘Pretty Vacant’ was featured on the now rare MAD PRIDE ‘Nutters With Attitude’ MAD PRIDE CD released back in the late 1990’s. Dave has also promised us some of his new ‘experimental’ pieces, a real treat – we are always pleased to have him back at our events- we will also be treated to some of his own ‘standards’ like his infamous paean to the ‘Burglars of Britain’ (the salt of old Albion’s land) and his highly appropriate ‘Crackdown Tribunal’ (governmental disinfectant).

The highly regarded ‘miserablist’ poet and accomplished playwright PAUL BIRTILL, described as ‘A kind of anti – Laureate who makes Philip Larkin sound life affirming’ , has had several collections of his work published and has had several of his plays staged at London theatres’ his latest play ‘The Lodger’ has recently been staged at the Pentameter Theatre in Hampstead. No less a figure than original punk poet John Cooper Clarke has said he is ‘Bleeding fabulous’. This man is pure genius, he is the poetic equivalent of Tony Hancock, his deadpan delivery of his poems about madness, death, alcoholism, heart attacks, cancer and suicide are delivered in a deadpan style that somehow makes them seem hilarious, he is guaranteed to ‘crack you up’ –
Paul was due to appear at our ‘Holocaust Day’ memorial event at Chances back in February when last minute complications meant this did not happen – do not miss out on this special treat, this man is one of the UK’s hidden cultural gems.

Poetess SIBYL MADRIGAL has long been a highly regarded performance poet, with several published collections to her name, now rarely performing as a poet, she is always pleased to make an exception for MAD PRIDE of which she has been a strong supporter, appearing at many of our events over the years.
Also known as the mentor of the ‘Boat T’ing’ the regular event that takes place on a boat moored nearby the Temple tube station (1st and 3rd Monday of every month) that features the ‘cream’ of the UK improvisational music scene, Monday 1st September will mark the10th anniversary of the Boat -T’ing and will be a biggie,. For this event SIBYL will be accompanied by her regular cohort and good friend the highly regarded multi instrumentalist ALEX WARD, who here will playing the clarinet and soprano saxophone. You can find out more about who will be appearing at Boat -Ting by going to and get more information about ALEX WARD at

More virtuoso saxophone playing will come courtesy of Mr RIKKI EDWARDS, also highly regarded in his own right, here performing with equally highly regarded jazz keyboardist and singer GENIE COSMAS as the duo MSME, so named because Genie suffers from M.S . and Rikki has M.E. – invited back by popular demand as they ‘blew people away’ at their appearance at our recent ‘Gathering of Nuts in May'. Genie and Rikki so enjoyed the other acts they saw and the general ‘vibe’ of the event that they were keen to come back again and we were pleased to have them. This event is also relevant to them as disabled artists directly affected by the Governments welfare ‘reforms’.

Genie is an established figure in the disability arts world, the duo have recently appeared at a prestigious disability arts festival in Madrid and have had the privilege of recording with the legendary Robert Wyatt. Genie was also a co founder of Stream Records a label she helped to establish over twenty years ago to help make disabled artists work more available and accessible. Her album of instrumental ‘Music 4 Films and Television’ was released by Stream records in December 2010 to mark the 20th anniversary of the label. You can obtain this and other recorded material featuring Genie and information about the label and other artists featured on the label by going to the website at

We have some down home hillbilly ‘honky tonk’ stylee stuff in full Hank Williams effect from the fabulous KITCHEN WINOS the band that evolved out of the original ‘Swamp Winos’ band that were so well received at MAD PRIDE’s Holocaust Day Memorial event back in February 2011 (at the sadly now closed Montague Arms in New X) – we are so pleased to have them back ,in this new ‘mutated’ form – they are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and to lively up the dance. The band feature the guitar dexterities of the highly regarded Mr Colin Maloney who also features with the band fronted by the co founder of the semi legendary punk pioneers ‘Alternative TV’ ,Tyrone Thomas.

THE OLYMPIC CLAMP DOWN – who were named after the name given to the process of ‘cleaning up’ and ‘clamping down’ on the ‘undesirables’ and the introduction of draconian security measures that has taken place in many cities in the run up to the staging of the Olympics – we just had to invite them, what could be more appropriate? –
Tyrone will treat us to some of his original thoughtful, sensitive and insightful songs accompanied by Colin and highly respected percussionist Arnold Lane (he may even be bringing a couple of ‘star guest’ musicians to join them). The OCD (geddit? – they have separated the Clamp Down to make a pun about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) – have made many appearances at MAD PRIDE events over time and ‘Alternative TV’ were also featured on the legendary ‘Nutters With Attitude’ CD. Check out more info and hear some of their music by going to

Also invited back by popular demand is the exotic eccentric poet and singer Cam Tan – otherwise known as VOODOO CiTi – who also ‘wowed’ the crowd at the ‘Nuts in May’ event, here she is promising to ‘bring the noise’ by adding some accompaniment, at this stage we are not sure exactly what this entails but this sense of mystery seems appropriate for someone as esoteric as CT – we look forward to this with anticipation. CT is also known as the driving force behind the long established and highly regarded ‘Raw Poetry’ workshops and events that have taken place in various London locations over the past few years. You can find out more about Raw Poetry by looking them up on facebook.

Another musical legend makes an appearance in the shape of JOWE HEAD formally with the hugely successful ‘Swell Maps’ band, who has continued his reputation in his own right and with his previous ‘Angel Racing Food’ band – here he appears with his current musical outfit THE DEMI MONDE – expect weirdness in full effect, you have been warned exposure to this kind of stuff can seriously ‘de – normalise’ you – don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. For more on JOWE HEAD and his illustrious career at and more on his current musical outfit by going to

This event is choc full of legendary figures, some might say it is choc full of nuts, they don’t come much nuttier than the well known and much loved eccentric HUGH METCALFE, well known as the mentor of the highly regarded ‘Klinker’ events that ran in various venues around London for many years. We welcome the triumphant return of the ‘filth and the fury’ of Hugh’s notorious experimental raw noise outfit FUCK OFF BATMAN - (which is actually made up of virtuoso musicians Jim Le Baigue on drums and Malcolm Bruce, just ‘cutting loose’) –chaotic and eccentric to the extremes – this just has to be witnessed to be believed (and even then you might still struggle) another rare treat. Check out - and Google Fuck Off Batman for more info and to hear some of their ‘tunes’.

All the way from deepest West Wales come the politically edged razor sharp punky psychedelic rockers THE STRANGE AGENCY- back on our stage with a new line up that retains the core song writing team of vocalist and lyricist Craig High and guitarist and composer Dave Bates after their powerful performance at MAD PRIDE’s annual ‘celebration of creative lunacy’ for World Mental Health Week last October.
Their recently released Album ‘Strange One’ is to be reviewed in the September issue of ‘Classic Rock’ magazine and they have been building a solid reputation from gigging at various small festivals throughout the summer. The album is available via the soundawesome site detailed below and is available as a download from -

Craig is originally a native of London and has been a long time MAD PRIDE supporter, he has been a front man for many ‘cult’ status bands over the years – and has performed on the MAD PRIDE stage with a number of outfits - a natural performer, this band provide a powerful backing sound.
Heavily influenced by the American 60’s proto punk outfit ‘The MC 5’ – well known for their burning of the ‘Stars and Stripes’ flag on stage and their protests against the war in Vietnam – THE STRANGE AGENCY are commin’ at ya with a sh*t load of powerful polemic, entirely appropriate to this event.- ‘Mass Action it’s a must – don’t tell us that you can’t be fussed – mobilise your picket lines – it’s a sure sign of the times’. – about sums it up really. Check out and for more info about the band and to check out some of their music.

They are sure to have the joint jumping and give everyone an opportunity for some cathartic ‘rocking out’ (something we are all in sore need of in these trying times). A perfect end to an all round top notch day of the best of the ‘underground’ music and poetry that London and the UK have to offer.

In addition to these top notch acts we are promising a number of special guests of equal quality and stature who we were not able to confirm the availability of at the time of ‘going to press’ with the original publicity – (the pressure of deadlines) but who have confirmed since, we will keep you tantalised with these, so the only way to know what special treats you might have missed will be to be there – you know it makes sense, even if nothing else does.

As well as this we have left time for some ‘open mic’ floorspots – if you are a budding poet or musician or singer with original material of your own to perform, here is your chance to ‘shine’ – we can at least promise you an open minded receptive audience the rest is up to you – come early and speak to our regular MC, the ubiquitous Mr JASON WHY to ensure yourself a spot and avoid disappointment.
Also featured will be the stunning animations and projections of visual artist Dave Eyre, aka THE FLICKERING LIGHT VJ – a regular feature of MAD PRIDE events and much in demand at gigs and events around London and beyond.

MAD PRIDE would like to respectfully dedicate this event to the memory of the late free jazz pioneer LOL COXHILL another legend and much missed cultural gem, who sadly passed away in July. Lol was a close friend of SIBYL MADRIGAL and was a regular featured act at the Boat T’ing where he often played alongside ALEX WARD .He was also a good friend and supporter of the cause of MAD PRIDE appearing several times at our events over the past few years. R.I.P. Lol – a great loss to this world – we may never see his like again.

This is the kind of stuff that really deserves ‘gold medals’ and awards – far more creative than people trying to prove they can run faster or ‘do better’ than other people - (and frankly ‘so what?’ – we are not impressed) – and the kind of mindless mundane rubbish peddled at us by ‘talent’ shows and the ‘pop idol’ media garbage.

This is the true grass roots ‘cultural olympiad’ far more relevant to the real community than all of the commercial and elitist stuff being churned out by the ‘mainstream’ media and arts.

The Olympics promotes the ‘positive’ values of competition, we don’t agree that competition has any positive virtues, we believe it to be entirely counter productive – We want to promote the value of co – operation and working collectively for shared common goals and the good of all concerned – we are not impressed by ‘winners’ we care for and support the ‘underdog’.

This is how MAD PRIDE operates and has done successfully for many years, we have no funding and do not rely on commercial sponsorship, all of our events are run entirely on ‘good will’ with venues, artists, technicians, designers etc donating their services for free or for basic expenses, this and the support of the general public paying a small admission cost is all that we run on.

The support of all these enables us to keep admission prices to a minimum to make our events more accessible to people struggling to make ends meet on benefits or low incomes and still to be able to raise small amounts of monies to put toward our awareness raising and campaigning activities and our support for vulnerable claimants with mental health problems, it has even enabled us to make small donations to other disabled and claimants campaign organisations.

As well as our accessible admission policy the venue has a reasonably priced bar, reasonably priced food will be available on the day (definitely not McDonalds or Cocoa Cola). This event will be an all dayer on a Sunday (and after all what else is there to do on a Sunday?). It will provide an alternative ‘closing ceremony’ (hopefully for good) on the last day of the Paralympics (and finally the end of the Olympic ‘circus’).
It will be a ‘family friendly’ event in that accompanied children will be welcome and those under 18 can have free admission. We do need to give a parental guidance warning however as many of the acts have ‘adult’ content.

We look forward to seeing you there if like us you have had enough of all this Olympics nonsense to last for several lifetimes. You won’t find a better bargain price event anywhere with real value for money in terms of the original and interesting and unusual music and poetry that will be featured on the day.

Doors open at noon, with the first booked act onstage for shortly after 1pm – come early to avoid missing any of the top acts – the bargain price admission covers the entire day or any part of it – people are free to come and go and return again later if they need to take a breather or have other things they need to do during the course of the day – no need to book in advance, this is a strictly pay on the door affair.
We are once again grateful to the good people at the Tottenham Chances venue for their support and the use of their venue and facilities without charge, Chances is a genuine grass roots community organisation that does fantastic work with vulnerable people in the community, MAD PRIDE are entirely supportive of their work and hope that they can manage to sustain their work in the future with their use of the venue being put under threat.

Tottenham Chances is close to both Tottenham Hale & Seven Sisters tube a BR railway stations – a short bus ride or walk from both – it is located opposite Tottenham Police Station and is served by a number of bus routes from various parts of London.

For more information call –
077 577 15035
Or go to
Tottenham Chances – 0208 361 0653
Tottenham Chances on facebook
For more information on disabled and claimant campaign activity –
Call - Disabled People Against the Cuts – 01926 842253
WinVisible (Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities)
Call – 0207 482 2469
Boycott Workfare

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