Shortened Press Release - Feb10th Gig

A humdinger of a Gig to kick off 2012 - Inner Terrestials, Edgar Broughton, Olympic Clampdown at Tottenham Chances - Friday 10th February 2012.
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Shortened Press Release - Feb10th Gig

Postby madmark » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:40 pm

MAD PRIDE for the Holocaust Day
FRIDAY 10th FEBRUARY 8pm – 1am
399 Tottenham High Road,
Tottenham, N17 6QN
Admission £5 / £2 concessions
A fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit Cuts.


The Mental Health rights campaigning organisation MAD PRIDE have made it a ‘tradition’ over the past few years to mark the ‘Holocaust Day’ memorial in recognition that sick and disabled people were amongst the first to be exterminated by the Nazi’s as part of their ‘final solution’. We are now bringing this ‘tradition’ to a new venue in Tottenham.

MAD PRIDE are concerned about the implications of the governments Welfare Benefit ‘reforms’ for people with mental health problems and are seeking to highlight these concerns and join with other affected disabled and claimants groups who will be the ‘hardest hit’ by these, which in real terms will mean cuts to benefit payments.

Certain sections of the press and media have used distorted statistics put out by the government to fuel prejudicial reports that describe all benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’ and criminals, failing to report that the rules have been changed and that many now being ruled ‘fit for work’ would have previously qualified and are not ‘fakes’ and failing to report that a large percentage of those who take their case to appeal have the decision overturned and their rights to benefits reinstated.

This has chilling echoes of the 1930’s when Nazi propaganda described sick and disabled people as ‘useless eaters’ who cost the taxpayer money to keep alive. Already there has been a reported incidence of hate crime as a consequence of this reporting by people who resent disabled people receiving welfare benefits. The government and these sections of the press and media seem to want to promote a fascist mentality in society where the needy are seen as a ‘burden’ and surplus to requirements. MAD PRIDE urges people to learn a lesson from history and say ‘never again’ – is this really the kind of society we want to live in?

There is already an increasing level of anxiety for people with mental health problems as a consequence of this. Many have spoken of being made to feel suicidal – we are concerned about the consequences of this for vulnerable people. There is a fear that the mechanical ‘tick box’ nature of the ‘work capability assessments, that has been described as not ‘fit for purpose’ in assessing people with complex mental health problems and the fact that the ‘medical professionals’ employed by Atos Healthcare, the private profit making company that has the contract to run the tests on the governments behalf, are not qualified to properly assess peoples mental health problems and issues, will mean many of these being wrongly ruled ‘fit for work’.

This would mean they are put under pressure to seek work, however unsuitable or potentially detrimental to their mental health. For those not able top find work in the current competitive ‘jobs market’ it could mean they are forced into menial labour under one of the new government ‘mandatory work’ programmes.

This event, like the series of events run by MAD PRIDE throughout the course of the past year is being staged as a fundraiser for vital campaigning activity around these concerns.MAD PRIDE is afilliated with and has made small donations to other campaign groups and aims to try to raise more for these vital causes.

Artists are performing for basic expenses and others have donated their services for free in support of our cause. We are very grateful to Tottenham Chances for the free use of the venue and facilities. They recognise the importance of our campaign work for vulnerable people in the local community and we in turn support them in running a genuine community venue.

Featured artists are dub, ska, punk band THE INNER TERRESTRIALS, Alternative culture legend EDGAR BROUGHTON, THE OLYMPIC CLAMPDOWN, singer songwriter SON OF PSYCO YOGI and published poet PAUL BIRTILL. Visuals will be provided by VJ FLICKERING LIGHT and our MC for the night is Mr JASON WHY.

We have a reputation for staging original and quality acts and it is in a cause which is vital to those affected. We have a policy of keeping admission prices low to make the events accessible to those on low incomes and benefits.

Tottenham Chances is located opposite Tottenham Police Station and is a short bus ride from Seven Sister Tube and located nearby to Tottenham Hale BR, it is serviced by many bus routes from various parts of London. The Venue is fully disabled accessible and their is free parking available.
For more info and images of the featured artists check out

For more info about MAD PRIDE / this event go to
Or call 077 577 15035

For more info about the venue / other events there go to
or look them up on facebook or call 0208 361 0653

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