Feb 10th Gig - Full Press Release

A humdinger of a Gig to kick off 2012 - Inner Terrestials, Edgar Broughton, Olympic Clampdown at Tottenham Chances - Friday 10th February 2012.
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Feb 10th Gig - Full Press Release

Postby madmark » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:35 pm

For the Holocaust Day
339 Tottenham High Road
Tottenham N17 6QN

8pm – 1am
Admission £5 / £2 concessions

A Fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit Cuts


The mental health rights campaigning organisation MAD PRIDE is bringing the next in it’s series of Fundraising events to support campaigns raising concern about the implications of the current government welfare benefits ‘reforms’, which in real terms will mean cuts to benefits for sick and disabled people, including those with mental health difficulties, to a new venue in Tottenham, following from a series of events in venues around south London in the last year.

People with mental health problems are already facing considerable anxiety because of concerns about the new revised ‘work capability assessment’ that even people with ‘severe and enduring’ mental health problems are now expected to go through, where they had been exempted from the previous ‘all work’ tests due to concerns that their needs would be too great and that pressure could cause people to relapse and their mental health could be worsened. New government targets and quotas for the numbers of people they want to remove from receipt of sickness benefits now mean that these vulnerable people are having to face this.

Work Capability Assessments by the awful ATOS
There are concerns that these arbitrary ‘tick box’ assessments are not ‘fit for purpose’ for the proper assessment of people with complex mental health issues and that the ‘medical professionals’ employed by the private Atos Healthcare who hold the contract to conduct the tests are not in any way qualified to properly assess people with mental health problems. This has raised concern about such people being wrongly assessed as ‘fit for work’ and when they are unable to find work in the current highly competitive employment market then being forced to work doing menial tasks for basic benefit level pay in one of the governments new ‘mandatory work’ (workfare) placement schemes. Already many people with mental health problems have been experiencing severe anxiety and suicidal feelings about the implications of this. We fear an increase in suicide levels because of this and other aspects of the proposed changes in the benefits system.

DLA Threatened
Many people with mental health problems will also be affected by changes to Disability Living Allowances that many rely on to help provide valuable support. Housing Benefit caps and restrictions could mean people with mental health problems living in certain parts of London may be forced to move to areas with lower rental costs and this could have a devastating effect on their vital support networks.

Some sections of the press and media have used distorted figures and statistics from the Department of Work and Pensions to portray all disabled benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’ and criminals. Failing to report that the qualifying rules have changed and that many being found ‘fit for work’ would have qualified under the old rules and that the majority of those who take their case to appeal have the decision overturned and their benefit rights re established. This kind of distorted and prejudicial reporting has led to a recorded increase in the incidence of ‘hate crime’ against sick and disabled people by people who resent their receiving benefits.

ATOS Macht Frei
This has chilling echo’s of the 1930’s when the Nazi’s put out propaganda newsreels showing images of sick and disabled people labelled as ‘useless eaters’ saying that these ‘genetic degenerates’ were costing the taxpayer money and using this to justify their extermination as part of the ‘final solution’. People labelled ‘mad’ were amongst the first to be exterminated with those responsible even deeming this as ‘humane’.

In recognition of this MAD PRIDE have made it a ‘tradition’ to mark the Holocaust Day Memorial over the past few years to highlight this- ‘lest we forget’ – We want to ask how far have we actually come from this. People with mental health problems have always been a victim of prejudice and stigma, this is now on the increase again with the government and the press seeming to promote a fascist mentality in society where the needy are deemed as ‘unproductive’ and ‘surplus to requirements’.

The use of the venue was donated for free; others have also donated their skills and time to help make the event happen. The artist appearing are doing it for basic costs to enable us to donate as much of the takings as possible toward MAD PRIDE’s own campaigning activity and more such events. We have also linked up with other organisations campaigning around issues to do with benefit cuts and reforms such as Disabled People Against the Cuts and the Boycott Workfare campaign and Winvisible – we have already been able to make small donations to such groups and plan to donate more to their campaigning work in the future.

The Terrestials
Artists appearing are THE INNER TERRESTRIALS a stomping mix of dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability that has gotten audiences over the world going crazy, from Bristol to Berlin, Warsaw, Tokyo and beyond. The band have been keen to do a gig in support of MAD PRIDE for some time now, this is the first time they have been available to do so. They are serial Travellers and played in more than 20 countries and countless festivals over the years – as passionate as a band can be- they have remained committed to their ideals and have supported many radical and ‘underdog’ causes over the years – to quote Rough Trade records ‘Very few bands these days sing the words and actually live by them – the Terrestrials are that band’.

Founder members J (vocals and guitar) and Fran (bass and vocals) were joined by Paco formerly the drummer with ‘Conflict’ in 1996 and have gone from strength to strength. Their debut album ‘IT’ was released in 1996, a live vinyl only live album ‘Escape from New Cross’ followed in ’97 the ‘Enter the Dragon’ EP in ’99 and more recently they released another studio album ‘X’ in 2004 and a version of the classic Clash tune ‘The Guns of Brixton’. Their new album ‘Tales of Terror’ has just been finished and is due for release early in 2012. It was something of a ‘coup’ to secure their services for this gig, one of their relatively rare gigs in London where they originally hail from.

Edgar Broughton
We are pleased to invite back a ‘legendary’ artist of cult status in the shape of original 60’s / 70’s ‘agit prop’ rocker EDGAR BROUGHTON who featured strongly at the recent ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’ event for World Mental Health Week at the Montague Arms in New Cross in south London last October. We were extremely pleased when Edgar got in touch with us to say he was keen to lend his support to our cause. He too has a strong established following and will help us ensure a good attendance, at his last appearance he had some old faces coming out of the woodwork who had not been out to gigs in years, such is the strength of his reputation. He is a firm supporter of our cause and it is good to see him remaining ‘true to the firm’ and still supporting campaigning activity.

The people involved with the INNER TERRESTRIALS, who are great respecters of the Alternative Culture and its history, are keen to be appearing on the same stage as Mr Broughton on the strength of his history and status in this respect. His EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND were pioneers in the ‘free festival’ movement and their ‘Out Demons Out’ chant became an anthem of the Alternative Culture. They released many albums over a number of years and enjoyed a strong following and a reputation as a real ‘people’s’ band. Still performing occasionally with the band EDGAR is now mainly gigging solo, his powerful and moving songs showing something of his more sensitive side. A consummate and well seasoned performer, he created a real feeling of intimacy at his appearance at the Montague Arms and we expect more of this at this event. A real treat not to be missed EDGAR BROUGHTON is one of our overlooked cultural gems.

EDGAR BROUGHTON has just released a new album of solo material, recorded live at various gigs around the country last year ‘By Myself’, featuring new songs and some acoustic versions of old Edgar Broughton Band favourites (available on CD and by download via his website). He was invited to be one of the artists to perform on the ‘Sprit of ‘71’ stage at last years Glastonbury Festival as one of the artists who appeared at the original festival.

Olympic Clampdown
Another cult ‘legend’ that will also make an appearance on the night is the band fronted by original Deptford Fun City punk band ‘Alternative TV’ co founder Tyrone Thomas. ‘Alternative TV’ performed at early MAD PRIDE events and Tyrone has been a long standing active MAD PRIDE supporter. He also features on searing psychedelic guitar with space rockers ‘Paradise 9’ who appeared on the bill with Edgar Broughton at the ‘Creative Lunacy’ celebration. His OLYMPIC CLAMPDOWN band provides a vehicle for his own self penned incisive songwriting, accompanied by musicians Colin Mahoney and well respected and in demand percussionist Arnold Lane plus other special guests.

It seemed appropriate to invite this band to perform with the controversial involvement of Atos as a sponsor of the Paralympic Games, seen as a contradiction by disabled campaigners given their role in operating the controversial government ‘work tests’ and adding insult to injury and given that a large percentage of Londoners think the Olympics to be an extravagant waste of public resources at a time when vital benefits and services for vulnerable are being cut. The scaled down acoustic version of this band have made a number of appearances at the regular Survivors Poetry events that take place monthly at Tottenham Chances run by long established survivor poet RAZZ who has promised to get up and give us a spontaneous treat to a couple of his poems on the night.

Singer songwriter Chris Ramsing, the frontman of the PSYCO YOGI band who featured on last years ‘Holocaust Day’ memorial event has also been invited to make a solo appearance in his guise as the SON OF PSYCHO YOGI – His incisive and witty lyrics with a distinctly ‘political’ content and highly dexterous guitar work are also something of a treat. He too has featured at Survivors Poetry events and various MAD PRIDE events in his own right including the recent ‘Billy Blake’s Birthday Bash’ staged as a tribute to the poet and artist William Blake by Survivors Poetry and MAD PRIDE as a partnership at this venue.

MAD PRIDE are at the frontline of putting the politics back into music, sustaining the Alternative Cultural vibe and evoking the spirit of the old days of Rock Against Racism and the like.

We have also invited the well respected Liverpudlian published poet PAUL BIRTILL to perform some of his pieces. His work is in the great ‘miserablist’ tradition of literature, think Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Orwell, Sylvia Plath etc - on the printed page his poems about sickness, death, mental illness, alcoholism, suicide murder and smoking read as depressing but there is something about this mans deadpan delivery that has audiences cracking up with laughter, he is the poetic equivalent of Tony Hancock another true genius.

Stunning visuals will be provided by our ‘regular’ VJ, visual artist Dave Eyre aka the FLICKERING LIGHT who’s original projections and animations have been much in demand at various gigs and venues around London and beyond for a number of years and who adds another dimension to the evening.

Our regular MC – the irreplaceable Mr JASON WHY a well known figure around the ‘open mic’ scene in London will be whipping up proceedings with his infectious enthusiasm and spontaneous poetics.

All in all it promises to be another night of original and quality acts that MAD PRIDE have established a strong reputation for. Do yourself a favour and come and enjoy the treats on offer – all at bargain prices, in line with our policy of keeping admission prices low and accessible to those on low incomes and benefits -and in the process give support to a vital and otherwise marginalised cause. The venue has full disabled access and a reasonably priced bar. It is located nearby to Seven Sisters tube station and Tottenham Hale BR and is served by a number of local bus routes. There is also free parking space available at the venue.

Many of the artists performing are directly affected by the issues the event is about, others are sympathetic, knowing people who are affected. The people involved in running the venue, which is a proper community rooted centre are entirely supportive of the event as they recognise the impact of the benefit changes and cuts will have on vulnerable people in the local community. We at MAD PRIDE are very grateful for the use of the venue and all the support offered by Tottenham Chances and in turn we support the people running this venue as a much need genuine community space.

If you want to help support campaigning and awareness raising around the implications for disabled people in the governments Welfare ‘reforms’ you can get in touch with MAD PRIDE, DPAC, WINVISIBLE or the Boycott Workfare campaign. You could contact your local MP to express your concerns or to the relevant government ministers. If you are affected by the changes and cuts in the benefit system or know people that are and need help and support you can also contact these campaign groups. People from the campaign organisations will be there on the night so this could be your first point of contact. You can enjoy a great night out in the process.
We look forward to seeing you there.

For more info and images of the featured artists go to





For more info on the event / campaigns- check
or call 077 577 15035
For campaign info and advice / support - check
For info about the venue and this event go to –
Or look them up on facebook
or call 0208 361 0653

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