Creative Lunacy Gig - Edgar Broughton - Press Release & Pix

A splendid Autumn gig for World Mental Health Week. Featuring the legendary Edgar Broughton.
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Creative Lunacy Gig - Edgar Broughton - Press Release & Pix

Postby markR » Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:16 pm

A Celebration of Creative Lunacy for World Mental Health Week
As a Fundraiser for the Campaign Against Welfare Benefit Cuts-
289 Queens Road
New Cross SE15
8pm – Midnight
Admission - £5 / £2 concessions


Some years ago October 10TH was designated as ‘World Mental Health Day’, since then this has been expanded to ‘World Mental Health Week’ and includes the entire week this date falls in.

Back in 2004 the then newly formed South East London ‘branch’ of the campaigning organisation MAD PRIDE (first established in the late 1990’s) felt it appropriate to stage a special ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’, featuring local and established ‘name artists’ in support of the cause of challenging discrimination and prejudice against people with ‘mental health’ difficulties.

Since then SE London MAD PRIDE have made this something of an annual ‘tradition’ with this years event marking the 7th anniversary of the original event (some of which were staged in partnership with ‘sister’ organisation the now sadly demised mental health arts charity Creative Routes, who shared our aims to challenge prejudice and stigma around mental health issues via music and the arts and with who we were key partners in the much missed high profile BONKERSFEST!).

Over the years the event has been something of a ‘movable feast’ being staged in a number of different venues since the original event which took place at the Ivy House in Nunhead, this years event will be staged at the MONTAGUE ARMS in New Cross on FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER. This has served as a venue for two previous MAD PRIDE events to mark the World Holocaust Day memorial, in recognition that people with disabilities and mental health problems were amongst the first to be exterminated in the concentration camps – labelled as ‘genetic degenerates’ and ‘useless eaters’.

This Year’s ‘Holocaust Day’ event was staged as a fundraiser to support campaigning activity against the Governments changes and cuts to Welfare Benefits that are raising considerable concerns and anxieties for many people with mental health problems – We were highlighting that there is not a lot of difference between the propaganda put out by the Nazi’s to ‘justify’ the extermination of sick and disabled people as a ‘final solution’ and the kind of scurrilous prejudicial propaganda being printed in the right wing press that is smearing all disabled benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’- and benefit ‘fraudsters’, that has directly led to a reported increase in incidents of abuse and assaults of disabled people.

All the MAD PRIDE events since that time have been dedicated fundraisers for campaigning against and raising public awareness about the changes to and cuts in the benefit system and it’s implication for people with mental health issues. This will be the sixth event in support of this cause following the ‘Mad Hatters Party’ at the Joiners Arms in Camberwell in March, the ‘Feast of Fools’ at the Amersham Arms in New X in April, the ‘Gathering of Nuts’ in May and the recent July event at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.

This years ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’ will also be in support of this vital and underrepresented cause. Funds raised from this event will be put toward MAD PRIDE’S own campaigning and awareness raising around this issue- including producing self help leaflets and helping to develop ‘peer advocacy’ networks to help people get through the maze of the controversial new ‘work capability assessment’ rules. SE London MAD PRIDE will also be donating monies toward actions and actives in relation to these issues to other Disability Rights and campaigning organisations such as Black Triangle, Winvisible and the Disability Action Network.

Artists have been lining up to support this cause, both local and established names- all willing to donate their services for free, understanding the importance of the cause and the serious concern it is causing to vulnerable people in the community. We were particularly pleased when we were recently contacted by an artist with a real history and ‘cult’ status in the shape of the original 60’s /70’s agit prop rocker EDGAR BROUGHTON who was keen to come and do a gig with us in support of our cause.

THE EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND’S first Album ‘Wasa Wasa’ a psychedelic hard rockin’ ‘tour de force’ was released on EMI’s new ‘alternative’ Harvest record label in 1969. The inclusion of the anti war song ‘American Boy Soldier’ was an indicator that here was a band with a ‘political’ edge – their (in)famous ‘Out Demons Out’ chant became a mantra for the ‘alternative culture’ movement and they developed a reputation as a true people’s band and were closely associated with the Free Festival movement alongside other legendary artist such as the Pink Fairies and Hawkwind.

A number of the songs EDGAR and the band wrote and recorded over time pertain to mental health issues and the public prejudices against people who suffer with such problems. The band continued for a number of years making many albums and remaining ever popular, they were championed by that other legendary figure of the UK music scene the now sadly departed John Peel. Since the band’s demise some years ago EDGAR BROUGHTON has carried on doing solo performances on and off. He recently made an appearance on the ‘Spirit of ‘71’ stage, featuring artist who had appeared at the original festival, at this years Glastonbury Festival. We are now proud and privileged to have him grace the stage with his presence at a MAD PRIDE event.
To quote EDGAR BROUGHTON from his website –

‘I first came across MAD PRIDE through their website some years ago – I like what they stand for and the way they go about their mission. Some time ago I said that I was prepared to play for a worthy cause- so here we go. I hope I might see some of you supporting this on the night. It will be my only London gig and another way to fight back- and have some fun- Power to you all – peace’

MAD PRIDE spokesperson Dave Skull said

‘I was particularly pleased when EDGAR BROUGHTON got in touch and wanted to perform in support of our cause as I was a big fan of the first EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND album at about the age of 14 years old – He was a major influence on me in my formative years, I saw the band many times over the years they were together and always enjoyed the spirit of unity and the whole ‘alternative culture’ vibe they brought to the party – He is something of a ‘cultural hero’ to me and many others – I am pleased to see that he has remain true to the faith and is still supporting radical causes, truly one of the old school’.
The Alternative culture and free festival vibe will be in full effect for this effect as also featured are contemporary festival favourites the psychedelic ‘space rock’ punksters PARADISE 9 fresh from a summer spent building a solid reputation around the small festival circuit including an appearance under the ‘BONKERSFEST’ banner at this years Lewisham People’s Day, following their stonkin’ performance at the ‘Feast of Fools’ event back in April. Featuring another ‘legend’ in the shape of local guitar ‘hero’ Tyrone Thomas, one of the original members of the Deptford Fun City cult punk band ‘Alternative TV’ – a long time member and supporter of MAD PRIDE. His searing psychedelic guitar combined with spacey fx created by frontman and vocalist Gregg McKenna really takes you ‘out there’ whilst Gregg’s incisive politically conscious lyrics brings it right back to planet earth.

‘Nothing For Tomorrow’ – the featured track on the bands debut EP is a song about the ecological consequences of thoughtless selfish consumerism. Another track on this ‘Broken Promises’ is particularly pertinent to the contemporary political zeitgeist-
‘I did not see past their disguise - the visions they told and the fairy tale stories –They promised us all equal rights – a caring society, ‘never too late’, and they promised to pipe us new tunes that kept us marching through those golden gates – They promised us ivory towers and from up there everything would seem so small- we followed the footsteps to where they led, and when we got there we found no ivory towers just open wasteland, there’s nowhere left we can turn, you blew out our options there’s nowhere to run, now this is the way we chose and now we are led with a ring through the nose.’

The ‘old school’ alternative culture link is maintained here as Gregg has recently been playing in a band formed by another ‘historic’ figure in the shape of the ‘International Times’ ‘journalist’ and prankster Mick Farren, the vocalist and founder of the notorious ‘Social Deviants’ and later ‘manager’ of the free festival ‘regulars’ (although they were pretty irregular) ‘The Pink Fairies’. Gregg has also been closely associated with former Hawkwind co founder Nik Turner performing with him with his ‘Space Ritual’ touring band. The now sadly demised and much missed Judge Trev of Nik’s other well known outfit ‘The Inner City Unit’ is featured on newly released recorded material from PARADISE 9 – available now – CD’S will be on sale at this event or can be downloaded via the bands website.

Another band with close links with Nik Turner, now resident in deepest darkest west Wales are the STRANGE AGENCY who also hail from that part of the world. Another psychedelic band with a distinctly ‘political’ edge. Fronted by former SE London resident the aptly named Mr Craig High who has a considerable reputation locally as the front man for many SE London ‘cult’ bands including ‘Whip the Minister’, ‘Psycho’s Mum’, ‘Lord Snooty (Deceased)’ ,’Underdog’ and the shamanic techno outfit ‘Sunsnake’ – he appeared onstage at the first ‘Celebration of Creative Lunacy’ event with his band at that time ‘Pnevma’ (which also featured John Pink formerly of festival favourites ‘Headjam’), who also appeared on the main ‘Big Top’ stage at the first BONKERSFEST – he was also featured on the ‘Muses Cafe’ stage at the last full scale BONKERSFEST at the Red Star beside Camberwell Green in July 2008 with the first band he got involved with following his move down to Wales, the ‘bedlamite bru ha ha’ of ‘Not the Only Clown in the Village’.

This marks the first outing of his current outfit THE STRANGE AGENCY on the MAD PRIDE stage, the band were due to play at the April ‘Feast of Fools’ event but were unable to perform due to a mix up on the part of the venue management which meant our time was cut short, much to the disappointment of the punters that had turned out to especially see them. We are pleased that they were understanding that the fault was not with us – and they have agreed to once more make the long trek up to the smoke to play in support of our cause, this time we will ensure that they get a chance to play and not disappoint them and the eager punters waiting to see them.

With a strong influence from the revolutionary American band the’ MC5’ these hard edged razor sharp psychedelic rockers provide a perfect soundscape for Mr High’s incisive ‘political’ lyrics – Craig felt he had to do this gig to support our cause which directly affects him and those close to him. The attack on disabled people and welfare benefits affects us all – even those not currently not affected will have friends relatives and loved ones who will, and nobody is entirely safe from the prospect of becoming unwell or injured and having to be dependent on benefits to survive. Do we really want to live in a society where there is no ‘safety net’ for vulnerable people who are sick and disabled – the kind of fascist society being advocated and promoted in the right wing press? To quote Craig’s well known catchphrase – ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down!’

‘We set out – without a doubt – about the necessity to scream and shout’ -‘mass action is a must –don’t tell me that you can’t be fussed- mobilise your picket lines, it’s a sure sign of the times, don’t be told that your a fool, demonstrate you know it’s cool’ – about says it all really.
Craig is known for being both a champion of and an archivist and historian of the ‘counter culture’ and also regards EDGAR BROUGHTON as a significant historical figure and cultural icon, so much so that he insisted that he ‘must’ play at this event and have the privilege of meeting him and performing on the same stage, Gregg and Tyrone from PARADISE 9 also expressed similar sentiments – just come on down and share the love.

The ‘hippy’ vibe is carried on in the shape of laid back and cool Aussie singer songwriter DAVID STUDDERT, who was described on the website of the famous ’12 Bar Club’ as one of the best songwriters around – lot’s of people claim to have an original sound – this bloke really does.’ He also known for running his own brilliant ‘Backfire Cool’ events at various venues around London as well as being highly regarded in his own right as a performer on the London small gig circuit. David’s songs are gritty and real but delivered with warmth by a man who is steeped in the bohemian tradition. He is something of a citizen of the world having resided in (and been inspired by) places such as- Paris, Angola, Argentina and Portland Oregon. Over the years he has recorded a total of 15 albums since 1990, recently old archive material from the ‘art punk’ band ‘Tactics’ that he was involved with before leaving his native Australia has been re-released and made available. On the night he will be treating us to more of his ballads about mountain climbing, false teeth, taking your clothes off in public, UFO recovery rumours and so forth.

The published Poet and author- FRANK BANGAY, one of the original founders of ‘Survivors Poetry’ and the Campaign Against Psychiatric Oppression, also known as ‘the poet laureate of Hackney’, another regular fixture at MAD PRIDE events and a long time MAD PRIDE supporter, was keen to perform at this event as he too is a big fan of EDGAR BROUGHTON and was keen to have the honour of performing on the same stage. We were happy to oblige as we are always keen to feature FRANK at our events, his poetry is so evocative and moving. Frank was also a big fan of that other favourite artist of John Peel, the singer songwriter Kevin Coyne and conducted the last ever published interview with him to before his untimely death and together with his friend (and member of his ‘Topsy Turvey Band’) Mick Hobbs helped to compile the tribute album ‘Whispers from the Offing’ featuring many artists (including Frank himself) performing cover versions of his songs.

As an added bonus, as usual at our events stunning and original visuals are provided by our resident ‘in house’ VJ – THE FLICKERING LIGHT – aka visual artist and animator Dave Eyre – who as well as being a regular feature at MAD PRIDE events and something of a ‘fixture’ at the ‘Shopping Trolley’ and ‘Outsider’ events at the MONTAGUE ARMS is in much demand at various gigs and venues around London.

Our regular MC JASON WHY (a well known figure on the London ‘open mic’ scene, will be infecting the audience with his abundant enthusiasm and spontaneous poetics – he is also threatening to bring along some ‘open mic’ hopefuls we will try to fit in (another tradition at MAD PRIDE events).
All in all a bargain at a mere £5 / £2 for those without a full time wage, including students- and all in support of a good cause.
THE MONTAGUE ARMS has suitably ‘mad’ interior decor, a strong reputation as a music venue and an excellent selection of quality beers, food is also available there, it has won accolade as ‘the best pub in Britain’. It is located nearby to Queens Rd Peckham and New X Gate BR stations, the 12,36,171, 177and 436 buses stop nearby and it is a short walk from New X bus garage.

If you or someone you know is affected by the cuts and changes to the benefit system and are anxious about this we urge them to get in touch, similarly anyone who wants to support campaign activity around this.

For more information about the event
077 577 15035
Or go to Creative Routes on facebook
For more info about the artists check

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