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Hey Ho – Let’s Go

Oh well at last – a new site for Mad Pride in the UK – where it all started back in 1997. Not before time we know. Actually this site has been in production since last year. As yet there is practically no content alas – but loads of structure and plenty of technology. Who knows – some of it might work.

The old site is no longer around but can be glimpsed on the wayback machine. Not to worry – its pages are coming here as is the archive from

What’s Mad Pride about? It’s about counteracting the incredible stigma and discrimination that mental health system survivors face both within the system and in general society. It’s about reclaiming the word mad and any other stigmatizing term of abuse – crazy, loony etc. It’s about campaigning and lobbying – particularly against the drugs industry, the UK Government’s mental health act and against society’s indifference towards the huge numbers of suicides.

Mad Pride is also about survivors coming together to organize things. In the UK some do books, others poetry and we have also organized music events.

Talking of which there is a good gig on tonite in Walthamstow. Subway Sect and Angel Racing Food have just got back from Rome and are in fine form apparently. A review is coming shortly.

Ah – so this is what they call a blog eh? Like Nick Robinson or someone. See ya laters.

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