Two dropcatching services signed up to and – Feb 20th is the day of the drop.

alpha01 on is a development domain.

alpha1 is the first go.  Prolly leave this after a while and have alpha2,then alpha3 etc then beta1.   When finished the thing goes to the live promoted domain m******

Ruby on Rails

Was going to use.   Spent a month learning it.

pros – easy, quick, the big thing just now.  Cons may be sluggish, not very good support for multimedia yet.

If fail go back to trusted technology – php flash remoting etc.

Learning – ruby – dead easy programming language. Will know it by Jan20th

Forum – will install phBB

Forum – sorted – use phpbb to start with because that’s what Dreamhost have and its the only big one that is still free.  I prefer vBulletin but its £40 a year or something.

Okay now we fork

I think I’ve done all that’s necessary to get the admin sort of set up.  (Xjournal – too simple and Journalness lacking in a few features)

But lets see if Joomla will be any better.

So on my home setup I’ll copy all the files of alpha01

Get rid of xjournal and Journalness and install Joomla. That will be alpha02.
This is a fork. We could come back to alpha01 because it is serviceable but alpha02 may be an improvement.

Back to beginning

Going to post the alpha01 log posts here now.

Okay this is WordPress

And very nice it seems too.   User base is massive.  Very configurable.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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