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WordPress updated to 3.01

Seems to have gone without a hitch
Just see if there is a theme upgrade Spotlight 13
And work on the MadPride theme.

Why are there 2 rss icons blocking things?   Plus there’s two About tabs as well.

Okay now update MadPride Blog

Then download the site to my PC – try to get things working at some point at Localhost

After the Meeting at Pogo’s

With a Campaign coming – time to update this site.

Believe, wordpress no longer contains a virus – appeared to be in madprideblog-13-Mod which Nod 32 was quite certain about.   Happens partly through not having upgraded wordpress.

I restored this file and about 20 others from 2009 archive.

Now – upgrade wordpress – pressing.   Backup databases.   Need to search locally for any unauthorized users.

probably upgrade Zen as well.

Then do the madpride index file.

Then put up the Forum.  BBphp will do fine.


Next for 20 months we had some gigs.   So only the index page got updated.    But now some more action!