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Bye Gallery – hi to zenphoto

Well just had to install Highslide js.   It is lovely to use and better than any slideshow.

There isn’t a plug-in for gallery2.   But the technique is to install Lightbox js – which takes a bit of doing.   Then uninstall it and install Highslide using the same technique.

It became obvious that although Gallery2 works out of the box – playing about with this leviathan is long-winded in the extreme.    No it has to go.

Zenphoto installs with about 3Mb instead of 50Mb.   Although documentation is lacking its easy enough to get along with.   There is a plug-in for Highslide or rather a theme which uses it.   That’s useful but it is an old version of Highslide.    Managed to update the theme and it works a treat – and even degrades gracefully in old browsers (and with javascript turned off).

Changed my mind about Javascript – you couldn’t do anything this spectacular without it really.


Was just carefully finishing off the photograph pages when I checked them in Internet Explorer 6.    Hell – the menu doesn’t work.   It is spread vertically down the page and makes no sense at all.

What gives – it used to work?    And the Internet cannot help here either.   Tried all sorts of things and it boils down to this line of CSS.

<!–[if IE 7]><style>#p7PMnav a{zoom:100%;};#p7PMnav ul li{float:left;clear:both;width:100%;}</style><![endif]–>

More specifically still: #p7PMnav a{zoom:100%;}.   Knock that out and this massive problem goes away.   And like a lot of CSS there is no rhyme or reason to this.    The zoom property is not a CSS standard – it is a Microsoft only property.   Zoom 1 or Zoom 100% just means zoom to actual size i.e. what it would have been anyway.    But this usually fixes things apparently.

And  “if IE 7″ is a conditional statement that only Internet Explorer 7 is supposed to see.   So how come IE 6 sees it and it mucks things up?    No idea.    IE 7 however doesn’t seem to mind.

Tracking down mysterious bugs like these takes a strategy.   Knock out half the code, if not there, then put it back and knock out the other half.   Then a quarter and so on.