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Todo next

Right – in all the problems I have mistakenly deleted the nice skin I made for madpride. Still got the graphics though so will redo.  Done May 12th

Then make this private htaccess password protected.  Done May 11th

Then put up the public madpride blog.  Done May 12th

Skin the forums – put them up.

Put up some film and soundz.

Then email and announce the site. Structure virtually done then.

Moving a WordPress blog is dead easy

Arrgh – after 10 hours of failure I learn there is an import/export function under settings.   Just export from old blog – save the xml file and import into new install.   2 minutes.

Moving a wordpress blog is very difficult

Whatever I try – exporting the sql and editing it – nothing works. Just a blank page on the new blog. Could be anything – a wrong setting – a wrong url or even a bug in Dreamhosts new php install.

Next step is to try using a plug-in to export the posts and re-import them into wordpress.

Nope – scratch that – its adminlog not adminLog

Yep stupid mistake. Browsers really want lower case for files and folders. Firefox however will recognize upper and lower as of course will Unix/Linux systems. But to avoid confusion and errors – its better to make all online files and folder names lower case throughout.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Okay signing off with alpha04 – going live

Right – this isn’t going to be easy. Transferring WordPress is apparently tricky – several methods – one has got to work.

So the admin log will move to its permanent home at

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